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Spanish Verbs and Tenses List (Spanish from English)

  • yo — I
  • tú — you (informal)
  • él/ella/usted — he/she/you (formal)
  • nosotros/nosotras — we
  • vosotros/vosotras — you all (informal)
  • ellos/ellas/ustedes — them / you all (formal)

Tomar (to take)

  • yo tomo
  • tú tomas
  • él/ella/usted toma
  • nosotros/nosotras tomamos
  • vosotros/vosotras tomáis
  • ellos/ellas/ustedes toman

Comer (to eat)

  • yo como
  • tú comes
  • él/ella/usted come
  • nosotros/nosotras comemos
  • vosotros/vosotras coméis
  • ellos/ellas/ustedes comen

Escribir (to write)

  • yo escribo
  • tú escribes
  • el/ella/usted escribe
  • nosotros/nosotras escribimos
  • vosotros/vosotras escribís
  • ellos/ellas/ustedes escriben


  • Juan toma café con el desayuno. (Juan takes/drinks coffee with breakfast.)

  • Comemos helado en el verano. (We eat ice cream in the summer.)

  • Yo escribo en mi diario todas las noches. (I write in my diary every night.)

May 21, 2018



It is very good!! Your Spanish is very well... You continue like this... If you want help. I can help you...



[deactivated user]

    [deactivated user]

      Okay look.... I checked your tenses against the 501 Spanish Verbs fully conjugated by Dr. Kendris....

      I must say...

      You got them all right!

      I am currently working on a conjugator file in Excel that will automatically conjugate any verb and it even has a save feature for irregular forms!

      As an aside, it's good that you've arranged the verbs in this order since it's the exact same order in French, Italian, Portuguese... I have the books so I should know!

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