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pig vs. hog in the German tree

The sentence, "Das Schwein hat Hunger" will not accept the English translation "The hog is hungry." It insists on "pig" only, and not "hog". Where I live in the midwestern USA, the common word is "hog". I think the German tree needs correction to allow "hog" for "Schwein".

May 21, 2018



just kind of know that the Duolingo thing isn't always correct


maybe hog is a term wich is not known by everyone? i mean could it be that depending on there the creators of the course come from they might have never heard the word hog actually exists? if they are native german speakers the possibility that they have never heard that word is pretty high we usually do not learn hog for pig in our english classes here in germany. i have never heard of it until i read your post. (i have many acquaintances from different parts of the us, england and south africa and non of them ever used the word hog or at least i never heard them using it) i searched the internet for the term hog and found this article:



In my part of England, only farmers would call them hogs. Possibly castrated males?(the pigs, not the farmers :) ) However, I think everyone here would know expressions like:
Don't hog the remote control!
With the meaning of not letting anyone else have a turn with the tv remote control. While i'm on the subject, in my family, we call the remote control the zapper. Are there any good German words for this?


the official word for remote control is Fernbedienung. some call it "Drücker" i think.


If you say you are correct and say the translations are incorrect, eventually they will add in "hog."

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