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Possessive and Nominative Pronouns units in Duolingo (German tree)

I am finding that regardless of whether I work on either the Possessive Pronouns or the Nominative Pronouns, my progress advances in sync between both of them. So if I work on Nominative Pronouns, my progress is reflected there and also in Possessive Pronouns -- they are the same for some reason. I've not observed this with any other units so far. Can someone familiar with this issue comment on this?

I also found the lessons in those two units a bit less than satisfying. Some of the new words are covered in the lesson materials, but a lot of new words are presented in the exercises without having previously been introduced -- normally, there will be a few exercises introducing new words. I did not expect this, and found myself googling for other sites explaining these concepts. Nothing wrong with doing that, but it is a bit disappointing. (I don't recall right now which words those were, though.)

Maybe these two units are currently being changed or re-organized, I don't know. So maybe I just bumped into them at the wrong moment. At any rate, I like to jump around between the units a little bit so I don't get too overloaded with new concepts all at once. The current arrangement of these two units gave me a sense that Duo was kind of "skipping around" out of order, and maybe even omitting introductory material.

I would like to recommend that the Possessive Pronouns unit be abbreviated "Poss. Pronouns," as opposed to the current "Pos. Pronouns," as the former is the typical way of abbreviating the word "possessive" in most English grammar texts (the unit names are in English, so I assume English rules apply).

I appreciate that so much of this work is performed by volunteers, so I am trying hard not to be too critical. I like Duo a lot, and I'd like contribute ideas for making it more usable and friendly. Thank you for Duolingo!

(Also note my comment at https://www.duolingo.com/comment/18804695.)

May 21, 2018



Exactly what I was thinking. I couldn't express myself better.


Also experiencing the same problem, seven months after your post. I'm not satisfied with my comprehension of the Nom. Pronouns because of this.

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