"Ona mě potřebuje."

Translation:She needs me.

May 21, 2018

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I have the same problem. I hear mne, but the right answer is mě in this sentence. As I understood form the tips mě and mne are interchangeable for the accusative case. And mně is dative case, which we did not learn yet.


Do you hear mne or mě? These are distinct, sound differenty.

On the other hand, mě and mně sound the same, but mně is impossible here grammatically.


Why is mne grammatically impossible in this case? I thought it was only a more formal version of me. I'm looking at the tips and notes and they seem to be interchangeable. Dekuji!


I said mně was impossible, not mne. Mně is used in dative and locative and sounds the same as mě. However, they did not always sound the same, that's why the spelling differs.


The only thing you should possibly hear here is mě. The pronunciation is [mňe].


I believe this has been discussed on other sentences, but the pronunciation of mě and mne is so close I mix the two up. How best should I approach this to determine which word is correct in a given sentence? Is there a "Tips" section that I should review for this in the lesson list?


BTW native speakers also often confuse mě and mně and make orthographical mistakes, depending on the quality of their education and willingness to care about orthography. Another common source of mistakes in pronouns is ji vs. jí.


Much appreciated. Děkuju!


They are pronounced exactly the same way. It is the Tips and notes of this very skill (Personal pronouns). They are only accessible in the brrowser, not the mobile app. You have to determine the case of the pronoun to write the correct form.


Je to správně "Ona potřebuje mě"


It is accepted.

It stresses that she needs you and not someone else.


"te" has to come the 2nd position you advised, but that rule doesn't apply to me? As you wrote "Ona potrebuje me" is also acceptable. Thank you!


"mě" and "mne" are inconstant clitics, so they have more options. "tě" is stuck, being a constant clitic.

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