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Learning German Levels B2 & C1 from Germany.

Hallo Zusammen ! I'm looking to learn german levels B2 and C1 from Germany (duration c.a 5 months) itself in order to prep myself for the German-taught masters programe that i would be attending. In pursuance of that i ask for advice about which language school to choose, possibly which is good but at the same time affordable. Also should the option of accomodating with a local host family instead of a student hostel be exercised, in order to learn and immerse myself more ? I've also read that for "Visum zur Studienbewerbung" we'are allowed to work, albeit a approval from Foreign office is required. Could someone help me on this. Danke in Voraus !

May 21, 2018

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We speak at most places only German in Germany (even though the most people know other languages). Therefore staying in Germany and being in a German speaking environment will help a lot. But i dont think its needed to accommodate with a host family, you can talk everywhere to people and exercise your German skills :). For the approval to work i would contact the embassy or foreign office directly i am sure they have specific rules for each country, they will give you more information. For language learning you can ask the university if they provide german lessons, and if not i suggest Goethe Institute, since you can do directly your international certificates there (if needed). The lessons are interactive and fun, you will not get bored and the quality is great!

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