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Tne new vs the old

I have been away from Duo for a while, but thought that I could give another go again (learning Spanish via English, being Swedish). Apparently they have introduced a new method, "the Crown System", and there are plenty of specific discussions about it on the forum. But what is "the Crown System", generally speaking ??
Is there some clear and concise description of it, and the differences from the old method ?

May 21, 2018



This is the introduction of the new system: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25615588

And this is the FAQ: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26739837 (This thread takes a little time to open because there are so many replies to it.)

Edit: You posted this in the Spanish forum, but the question is not about the Spanish language. Could you therefore please move the thread to the Duolingo forum? You can do this by clicking "Edit" near the thread title, and then selecting the correct forum from the drop-down list.


just about everything is exactly the same

except instead of having only gold and nongold skill you now have 5 levels of crowns which apparently get harder as you level up.

So you can continue down the tree or spend more time on a specific skill advancing through the crowns.


Each skill now has more room to grow, and skills no longer decay.


Basically you have to "workaround" their system and "crown overlay": http://duome.eu/Larsstberg/progress


Thanks for your comments !

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