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Looking for easy to follow spanish series with english subs

Hi learners,

As you can see from the title, I am looking for easy to follow Spanish series. I'd prefer it it the characters in the movie talked more slowly, instead of chatting away, because I can't follow that yet ;x.

Your help is very much appreciated,

Thanks in advance,

Greetings from the Netherlands :)

May 21, 2018



I’d like to say “ditto” on Destinos and Extr@, both meant for learners. Destinos introduces concepts and vocabulary (and speeds up) over time so that’s kind of nice —you adjust without hardly noticing it.

On Extr@ they talk kind of fast but clearly and with relatively easy vocabulary. It’s also good because the trick is to get your mind accustomed to a natural speed of speaking. The show being a silly sitcom format also makes it easier to follow or catch on.

One more of this type is “La Catrina Paso a Paso” (available on YouTube).

I haven’t seen Mi Vida Loca, but I will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip, @Willow868.


Thanks for the La Catrina Paso a Paso tip. Looks like a good resource!


Hi Kyra

I lived in Netherlands for a year, and I visit often. I love it. But my Dutch is dreadful. Why? Well, one reason is that the Dutch (usually) speak such good English (and French and German and...). The other is that the Dutch just chat away in their own language without any consideration for me trying to pick up words... as does everyone else in the world actually! And because TV series represent real life they talk that speed on there too!

Of course, I'm joking ;) You're right, it's very difficult to watch these things and understand what is happening, and the Spanish probably speak faster than most people, it's true. However, if you are watching online through Chrome you could try one of these add-ons that allow you to slow down the speed of the video.

This one will work with most videos online (including Netflix online): Video Speed Controller

Or there is this one for YouTube only: YouTube Playback Speed Controller

But if you go slower than about 70%, the sound can become weird.

I'm currently watching 'Mar de Plastico' on Netflix. It is European Spanish (Andalusian). I watch 20 minutes with English subtitles, then switch subtitles off and watch the same part in Spanish and that method helps me pick up phrases. It is a moody crime drama so they seem to speak slower most of the time.

Also on Netflix is 'Four Seasons in Havana', another crime drama in Cuban Spanish. There are a lot of adult themes here ;) but again, they often speak slower on this one.

I hope it works out for you. Good luck!


Gracias mucho! Didnt know there was an application for that. Definitely will be using this in the near future. Thanks a lot :)


You can not say in Spanish (Gracias mucho), you have to put MUCHAS GRACIAS, that is the correct way.


do you know etr@? It is a series for beginners.


Thank you for the reactions :)


Hi Kyra. I like to watch quiz shows with the "closed captioning" on. I think they help me.


I just finished '3%' on Netflix. The series was done in Brazilian Portuguese but dubbed in Latin Spanish that I found relatively easy to understand.


NETFLIX: Lost in Space 2018


I'm still working on developing an ear for Spanish. I took your advice on this one. The Spanish dubbing is well done and fairly easy for me to understand.


Money heist (La Casa de Papel) is fairly good. It is originally in Spanish but dubbed over for English users, I have found it useful with subtitles and it's on Netfilx.


Hi KyraStrik, A good Spanish serie that you can watch is La Casa de Papel, is currenlly one of the most popular series in Netflix, greetings from Dominican Republic


I think 'Velvet' is very entertaining and not too hard to follow. (Romance in a department store)

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