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  5. "Pudete voba?"

"Pudete voba?"

Translation:Are you both going to go?

May 21, 2018



That is really informal! It should be 'Půjdete oba?' You would say this, but you would NEVER write this.


Well, you would rarely see it in a written form, though sadly some people do write that way, but a written form is the only way that we are able to introduce common dialect to you.... And we NEVER require users to write this.


Please notice which lesson/skill this is part of. And I do not agree with your NEVER. You see a lot of weird stuff in text messages and chats. The text above is just a literal transcription of spoken Common Czech and that is a normal dialect.


It is a normal (spoken) dialect but the english answer is not a dialect. It doesn't match together.


There is no equivalent of Common Czech in English. You are suposed to translate to standard English.

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