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"Special needs children"

Translation:Watoto wenye mahitaji maalumu

May 21, 2018



The only way I could understand the sentence is:" many children need extras". The given translation : "Special needs children" does not help me to find out what is meant.Could anybody help? Did not report it yet caus I'm not sure.


watoto = children (class 2)
wenye = with / having (class 2)
mahitaji = needs (class 6, plural of class 5 hitaji)
maalumu = special (invariable adjective)

"Many children need ..." would be Watoto wengi wanahitaji ...

I'm not sure how to translate "extras" as it's pretty context dependent. Probably mambo ya ziada (extra things).


Special needs children is a term American educators use to describe children with disabilities of some kind -- mental, physical, or emotional -- who need extra help to make optimal progress in school.

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