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Vote: Bonus rounds too short

The 2 minute bonus rounds are too short (unless you are a very fast touch typist). Please vote up this discussion, to let DuoLingo know you want more time for the Bonus Round.

I've posted about this before, but am frustrated that nothing has been changed, and just hit another one of those ridiculously long sentences, that blew any chance of getting close to the 2 minutes.

"Los niños estuvieron en la casa de mi hermana el Jueves en la noche."

That's okay in a lesson, but terrible when you are doing a timed bonus round. It's so long, and when transcribing you have to be word perfect, so you type half of it, and then have to replay the audio to make sure you've rememberd the exact words. It's too much.

The timed bonus rounds are too short - and in my opinion a bit of a blight on what is otherwise a very nice and user-friendly system.

March 24, 2013



it doesn't matter since you can continue the quizz after time expires, so who cares? You get 5 points and basta...


I like using DuoLingo, and I want it to be the best it can be. I report sentences where I think they are missing a valid translation, using the button provided, and have had about 7 new sentences included now. I see providing this feedback as a useful way of helping DuoLingo improve. Yes, you can ignore the time limit, but it basically renders that aspect of the product defunct, and I think the folks at DuoLingo would prefer that it is used as intended.


I understand what you feel, and I too do report errors and bad translations, in Spanish, Italian, German and French. But this is a way of learning language fundamentals. Not a game. So getting points as a fast typist is not the essence of the thing. If you need points, you can endlessly repeat lesson one and do much faster, without learning anything... So let's agree to disagree.. ;-)


i toataly agree i am an only 27 words for minite typer but i still can not do the round!!!! pls duolingo increase bounus round time!!! thanks , gavin

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