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Request Audio After You Correctly Entered Correct Target Language Translation.

I know that everyone wants to back seat program. I am very glad to use this service even if I have to take longer then most in here to get through the lessons. I would, however, like it if once I have entered a correct translation in the language that I am trying to learn, in addition to giving me the positive feedback popup, the computer would actually say the sentence in the language I had just typed. I think this would reinforce the words for me.

Example: I'm learning German and the sentence given by duolingo is "The man is eating the apple" and I translate it as "Der Mann isst den Apfel" the system would tell me I'm right in a pop up and the voice would say the phrase in German.

March 24, 2013



I'd like to see the exact same thing (except I'm studying Spanish at the moment).


Yes please! There was more spoken lessons for a while, but they went away :S

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