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  5. "poslední ulice"

"poslední ulice"

Translation:last street

May 21, 2018



Hi, Why Posledni and not Posledna ? Thanks


Check the Tips and notes of this skill. They are about the soft adjectival declension. You can also use any other grammar resource of your choice.


I have read them 4 times already, there is nothing about it. I think the notes have been changed in a year))


Yes, unfortunately we learned (the hard way) that changing the notes for the future course will change the notes for the live course too. Not sure what is the current status.

For the time being you can look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_declension#Soft_declension

When deciding whether the adjective belongs to the hard or the soft declension, look at the final consonant. Here it is Ň (remember that soft i changes N to Ň) so it belongs to the soft declension.

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