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"Msingeenda shule msingejua kusoma"

Translation:If you were not to go to school, you would not know how to read

May 21, 2018



Sounds like a strange way to say it. Perhaps "how to read" is more natural? Maybe use "jinsi ya ku soma"?


The sentence is OK in English but it doesn't mean someone knows how to do something, but rather more that they should do it. When he cuts oranges, he knows to use a knife instead of a spoon. When he's making a recipe, he knows to read the ingredients. When you get dropped in deep water you know to swim to shore. It's a bit strange, but I have heard it used in normal speech. However, in the context of going to school, I think it should be how to, since that's what they teach there.


I've seen this sentence on DL with "shuleni " and "shule!" Can someone explain to me what thr difference is please? If theyre pretty much interchangeable, can DL make it possible to put both, please? 20201105


Both should be accepted. Shuleni underlines the locative meaning, corresponding to a preposition in English (at/to the school). It is therefore the most correct option, but shule is also heard.

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