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"pa' vay' Daleghchugh, vaj ghoja'!"

Translation:If you see anybody there, then tell us!

May 21, 2018



This one rejected, "if you see anyone there, then tell us," in favor of, "if you see anybody there, then tell us."


The variation had been missed, but it has been added now.


"If you see anybody out there, then tell us!" was similarly rejected. I realize there is no specific mention of "out" or "outside" in the original Klingon, so if it's unacceptable, that's fine; I just wanted to run it by you. (I almost certainly wouldn't have used "out" if it hadn't been one of the word tiles, FWIW.)


It seems to want to put a space between "any" and "one".


I made a change that should fix that.


I put: If you see something over there, then tell us! This was counted wrong. I'm assuming that it was my choice to use the word "something" instead of "someone" or "anyone". The dropdown hint for "vay'" lists "something" as a possible translation, and the hint for "Daleghchugh" listed an option including "it", so I thought it would work. Is there some nuance regarding the prefix "Da-" that I am missing here?


Never mind. Just noticed that I had a mispelled word in my original answer. My bad.


Considering how Klingons tend to avoid unnecessary words, can pa' and naDev be used as interjections, example when you finish fixing something and you say "There!" (pa'!) or are those words exclusively used for locations? or do Klingons just... don't say anything?


I don't think we have much evidence around this question. I don't think we can use pa' or naDev to say that something has been completed. I would say that they are exclusively used for locations. But I don't have a problem with using those words as indpendent exclamations to direct people's attention toward some something. So you could say pa'! as a short hand for "Look there" or "It's there". Similarly with naDev! for "Look here" or "It's here." To declare that something is finished, your best exclamation is probably pItlh! which is usually translated as "Done!" In some situations, you could also exclaim toH! which can be sort of similar to "Aha!", but I feel like there's always an expectation of more with toH. So, I would only use that if you will then launch into an explanation of what you have accomplished or instuctions for the next step or something like that.

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