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  5. "velké zvíře"

"velké zvíře"

Translation:large animal

May 21, 2018



Does the r in zvire sound like a j or zh?


1) It's not "r" but "ř."

2) It doesn't sound like j or zh.

3) Check the introductory tips and notes on pronunciation.

4) There's also Forvo, YouTube, Reddit or plain ol' Google to help you along.


Well, how can a say this? Hmm the "ř" in Czech should be pronunced as two "r" (rr) As in spanish/latin pronunciation. It sounds like a bee buzzing


Do not confuse a rolled r - an alveolar trill with ř which a is raised alveolar fricative trill.

Check the examples and the recordings in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raised_alveolar_non-sonorant_trill It also includes the Spanish rr.


There are some rare dialects of Spanish (in Argentina I believe) where the double "rr" is pronounced like the Czech "ř". Other than that, "ř" makes a unique sound (actually two sounds, because it can be voiced or unvoiced depending on surrounding sounds).


I translated it as "big animal" and it was marked as wrong - is there any difference between big and large?


It is accepted. Use "my answer should have been accepted".

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