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  5. "My meal is too cold."

"My meal is too cold."

Translation:tlhoy bIr nay'wIj.

May 21, 2018



nay' means course, dish (at a meal), not meal. If there are a plate of gagh, a plate of bregit lung, and a plate of rokeg blood pie on the table, then the meal consists of three nay'mey. Each of those plates contains one nay' of the meal.


Is the 'e' necessary? It shouldn't, or am I mistaken?


You are correct. It is not necessary. It was not required in the answers and if you got it wrong, there was some other error. Grammatically, it is optional, but perhaps a different English sentence representing the stress of the -'e' would be better, like "It's my meal that is too cold." Early in the creation of this course, we started with the idea that we should include all the options with 'e'. We later decided that it was a mistake both because the English sentence should really reflect the change and because we were having to add way to many variations. It turns out that this sentence was created early in the course and has not been revisited since. I've removed the -'e' now as even being an option.


tlhoy bIr nay'wIj'e' means My dish (not something else) is too cold.

Finding a natural-sounding translation of that that doesn't rely on all-caps stress would be impossible. Taking subject and object -'e' completely out of the course is the only reasonable thing to do.

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