"Her books"

Translation:Ihre Bücher

May 21, 2018



Why ihre and not ihr?

September 4, 2018


As flatthumbs88 says below, 'das Buch' changes to 'die Bücher' in plural form (as all German plurals are 'die'), and that also affects other words including ihr, which becomes ihre.

December 26, 2018


Thanks that helped a lot​

February 11, 2019


trying to get my head around some of this too ;p

September 6, 2018


How do you say Bücher? It sounds like boo-zhuh

May 21, 2018


The sound made by ü doesn't exist in English: it is done by pronouncing a 'ee' sound but with your lips rounded as if you were saying a 'oo' sound.

There is no direct equivalent of the sound of 'ch' here in English, though it is very close to the way h is pronounced in the word 'hue'.

The -er ending is pronounced like a short 'ah' sound: the r is hardly pronounced, if at all.

You can listen to the pronounciation of Bücher (and other German words), on forvo: https://forvo.com/word/b%C3%BCcher/#de

May 21, 2018


I am confused as to why it is 'Ihre' and not 'Ihr'. Buch is neuter so doesn't this work out then as ihr?

November 28, 2018


Never mind, I think I just figured out the answer to my own question. As the noun involved is plural, which is 'die', that's why it translates as ihre.

If I am wrong, feel free to tell me!

November 28, 2018


Sounds like a solid logic to me, and Google Translate agrees, but I am just teaching myself too, so I can't certify.

December 31, 2018


Why not seine Bücher? When have we to use sein, and when ihr? This confuses me.

January 10, 2019


"Seine" is for "he" and "Ihre" is for "she". I hope that helps.

March 5, 2019


His and her, not he and she.

March 5, 2019
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