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Attractions in Austria

I'm going to visit the Mozart house. I love music. I'm really excited. What are some other cool attractions in Austria? Danke.

May 21, 2018


[deactivated user]

    There are tons of them!

    Wien. The city is beautiful with lots to see. I personally recommend Albertina, but there are many more museums (and they have both excellent permanent expositions and lots of temporary ones). One of my dreams is seeing an opera in Wien. But I guess you'd need to book your tickets well in advance. The Wien philharmony orchestra is famous. I guess tickets will be hard to come by and not cheap, but you said you loved music. So, it is definitely something to consider.

    Salzburg is nice and so are other cities and towns. Innsbruck is one of the larger towns, I spent too little time there to know much. But it looked full of cultural events.

    The Alpes are wonderful. I don't know what kind of a journey you're planning. But if you could spend a few days in the mountains, you might love them.


    Ya. That sounds fun and as for the mountains I will be staying in the Alps in France. Danke.


    I went recently to Vienna and I really enjoyed my time. It depends what you'd enjoy but I'll list a few things that I had a great time doing.

    Going to the Cathedral at Stephansplatz. Going up both towers you get to see above the city and its beautiful. The taller tower is only steps all the way up and there's a small gift shop at the front. The smaller tower has an elevator up and down and you get to see the big bell that used to be housed in the taller tower. There's also catacombs there which are very interesting to take a tour through - they have the final resting place of the Hapsburgs.

    Schloss Schoenbrunn. You get to tour around the fancy rooms they have and it's really beautiful. I also went to the Tiergarten which was fun and the oldest zoo in the world I think.

    There's also the amusement park Prater. I went when it was winter so unfortunately everything was closed but I heard its very busy in the summer because all the rides open. I went on the Ferris wheel there and it was fun to learn about the history of it.

    I enjoyed walking through the Naschmarkt and enjoying the foods they have there. It's a historic food market.

    If you're going to Mozarthaus you may also enjoy the Beethoven one and Haus der Muzik. Haus der Muzik is a good experience and I really enjoyed experiencing Music in different ways.

    I also recommend going to Stadtpark since it is really beautiful there.

    There's lots of things that I look forward to doing on my next visit. Theres the Museumsquartier which are a bunch of museums and apparently its really fun. I believe you can also see the Austrian crown jewels on display in one of the museums there. The Sisi museum is apparently really good too. There's also the national library which is majestic to stay the least. I also plan to go and see a show by the Spanish Riding School as well as an Opera in the Vienna state Opera. There's loads of palaces in Vienna like Belvedere, Hofburg, Albertina (and more) which are very pretty and I will visit them someday. You can also take a boat down the Danube which looks super fun.

    Outside of Vienna, I went to Salzburg which was beautiful. Memorable places were Mirabell Garten, Hohensalzburg castle, Hellbrun palace and Mozart's birthplace. Salzburg was really beautiful and I cant wait to return. Apparently there's a really long slide there called Keltenblitz Alpine Slide. I believe it goes down a mountain :o

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Austria :D


    If you want to really enjoy the beauty of the Austrian Alps, I suggest you go to Igles, a small place over Innsbruck. It was a long time ago, but I will never forget it.


    I recently visited the Mozart House. It was very cool! I have had the good fortune of travelling to Austria several times due to my job. In addition to the many famous museums, a couple of places I found really cool were: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnuntum


    If your German listening skills are not yet up to speed, I recommend taking the tours with an English speaking tour guide. You may need to set this up in advance, or learn the times for an English speaking tour.

    Have fun in Austria. It's a great country. Whatever you do, don't forget to try out their wonderful Apple Strudel!


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