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"¿Cuál es tu comida preferida?"

Translation:What is your favorite food?

May 22, 2018



Yes, preferred is a better translation here. Remember everyone, if you are relatively sure it should be accepted simply report it. No need to down-vote the sentence or add multiple comments on it. This just clutters things up. I believe these are relatively newly added sentences so the data bank for accepted answers is not large. Reporting correct answers will help with this.


Preacccchhhhh. Improve this tool, don't tear it down!


I disagree. Voting-down the sentence won't "clutter things up."! And guess what, "adding multiple comments to it" is what this entire blog is all about! Without it, it wouldn't exist. A) Voting down show how many people were confused by the (seemingly contradictory) answer, based upon historical teaching. B) If you reply to this then you are cluttering things up, so you shouldn't, lol.


What kind of website is that?!! Did you make it up or something?


It's a dictionary website made by Wikimedia, the organisation that makes Wikipedia.


Is it a dictionary Website? Probably.


And how did you make it blue writing? Did you make it up? I'm sorry to"shower"you with sooooooooooooo many questions!


Just copy the website's URL and paste it into the reply box. It will turn blue on its own.


If you type any link on a message it will surely turn blue. That's simple


Is it possible to take away Lingots from people? ha ha, just kidding, just having fun, no need to react.


Preferred food was not accepted why?


Why? Because Duo's preference is favorite. Preferred could be an alternative translation, after all, Spanish does have a word for favorite. ¿Cuál es tu comida favorita?


Check a dictionary. The English translation of the Spanish word preferido is favorite. In Spanish, favorito and preferido are interchangeable.


And yet DL already established favorita as its preferred translation, including for food. Is DL trying to teach us that after the language split on the terms that the obvious links between "preferred" and "preferido" and between "favorite" and "favorito" have somehow been swapped? I seriously doubt it.


I wrote that exact answer and got it wrong, i dont understand why?


I said favorita and DL said no. Preferida.


It has just been accepted after I reported it .


Not for me it didn't on 16.6.20


Because Duo did not ask you to translate but to type what you hear.


People get different exercises for the same sentence. You can have this sentence as a Es-En translation, a listening task or a speaking task, mainly.


Now accepted: "which is your preferred food" Remember folks, don't complain when you know you are right. Just let Duo know in the "Reply" feedback :) They DO listen...


But did not accept "Which food is your favorite?" Should it be accepted?


Maybe, not particularly. The sentences express the same idea but use different grammatical makeups. You're attaching "food" to the question word while in the Spanish sentence the question word is free.

  • ¿Qué comida es tu preferida? - Which food is your favourite?


RyagonIV, why wasn't "Qué" used in this example? Isn't "qué" usually used to mean what?


Cuál can translate as "which" or "what", and qué can translate as "which", "what" or "how". You can't use the English logic for them here.

In the sentence "¿Cuál es tu comida preferida?" we have a situation where the question word is directly followed by the verb ser. In that case, the following distinction applies:

  • "¿Qué es ...?" asks for a definition: "¿Qué es la comida?" - "What is food?"

  • "¿Cuál es ...?" asks for a choice: "¿Cuál es la comida mejor?" - "What is the best food?"


I know this is a 3 month old comment but, thank you!

To me, in English, "preferred" refers more to a choice among some, whereas "favorite" explicitly means absolute top choice. So when looking at a menu you might declare, "Oh this is my favorite!", but you will choose for your meal what you prefer, which may not be your favorite!

I think in Spanish that distinction is made by using "Qué comida ..." or "Qual comida ...". Can someone please let me know if I have this right? (I'm sorry if I am a little off topic. I felt like I understood something and wanted to find out if I have it wrong.)


No, that doesn't really work out like that. The constructions "¿Qué comida ...?" and "¿Cuál comida ...?" have the same meaning. The latter is an informal variant, though; in standard Spanish you'd ever only use the "¿Qué [nombre] ...?" form.

So, what do? I think the difference of use between "preferred food" and "favourite food" is pretty situational. If you have a set list, like a menu in a restaurant, you'd pick out the food you prefer, even though it might not be your favourite. If you're being asked about your favourite food, you won't be restricted to a list. And since it's so situational, there isn't really a need for separate vocabulary in this situation.

We still can be more precise, though, in case the context isn't clear:

  • ¿Cuál es tu comida preferida? - What is your favourite food?
  • ¿Qué comida es tu más preferida? - What food is your favourite? (It sounds a bit awkward in both languages, though. You wouldn't normally separate preferido from its noun.)
  • ¿Qué comida prefieres/preferías? - Which food do/would you prefer?
  • ¿Qué comida te gusta (más)? - Which food do you like (the most)?


Yes. Accepted my "preferred".


Not accepted now


The audio for 'cual es' trips me up every time. It sounds exactly like "cuales". Cuales, according to SpanishDict, is a proper word for 'which'. Barron's Spanish Dictionary states the same. Duo translates cual es as 'what'....not 'which'. The word 'which' implies there is a choice of specific items presented to be made. The word 'what' is more general. How Duo makes that differentiation I do not know. I think 'cuales' is the word a reasonable person hears in the audio and it should be accepted along with 'cual es'.


Cuáles is the plural form of cuál, so it is used if you're talking about multiple things:

  • ¿Cuál es tu vestido preferido? - Which one is your favourite dress?
  • ¿Cuáles son tus zapatos preferidos? - Which are your favourite shoes?

If you wrote cuáles here instead of cuál, you'd also be missing the verb of the sentence.

Spanish doesn't make a distinction between "What is ...?" and "Which is ...?" They're both just expressed with "¿Cuál es ...?" (Mind you, if you're using other verbs than ser, there is a distinction.)


Why cuales vs cual es. In one answer they refused cual es and corrected it as cuales. 2 sentences later duo wants it the other way.


Those are two different words. Cuáles is just the plural form of cuál, for when you're asking about multiple things:

  • ¿Cuál es este animal? - What is this animal?
  • ¿Cuáles son estos animales? - What are these animals?


Thanks! I noticed a difference but not the reason. And since cual is often followed by es it was more confusing.


What food is your favorite seems correct also.


Steve, that feels a little bit like Yoda speak: What food your favorite is... hmmm?


How so? They both sound perfectly fine to me as a native English speaker.


It's a perfectly normal way to ask that question. Can anyone tell me why it's wrong? I'm just trying to understand the nuance.


In the original Spanish sentence, comida is connected with preferida, and the question word cuál is on its own. This pairing should also be reflected in the translation.

It doesn't make much of a difference in meaning, though.


Ok, I see. Thank you.


Why is Duo using Cual for what? In previous lessons it has used Qué.


Both cuál and qué can translate as "what" into English (and both also as "which"). These two words are used in different contexts. In this case you have a question that uses the verb ser right after the question word. You have these options then:

  • ¿Qué es ...? - asking for a definition
    ¿Qué es un rinoceronte? - What is a rhino?
  • ¿Cuál es ...? - asking for an answer, or asking about a specific object
    ¿Cuál es tu rinoceronte favorito? - What is your favourite rhino?


Whats the difference between cual es and cuales?


Jill, cuáles is simply the plural form of cuál, for when you're talking about multiple things:

  • ¿Cuál es el animal mejor? - What is the best animal?
  • ¿Cuáles son los animales mejores? - What are the best animals?


What is the deal with this series of questions rejected 'preferred' when asked to translate 'preferido'? Someone dropped the ball big time when they programmed in the valid translations.


It's all about context, "what food is your favorite" makes sense if you are talking about what is your favorite movie, your favorite car etc. It's all about duolingo's favorite answer.


Is it cuales when its multiple things and cual es when its singular?


Yes, cuáles is simply the plural form of cuál:

  • ¿Cuál es tu animal favorito? - What is your favourite animal?
  • ¿Cuáles son tus animales favoritos? - What are your favourite animals?


Can we write "Que es tu comida preferida"


No, that doesn't make much sense. "¿Cuál es...?" asks for an answer, while "¿Qué es...?" asks for a definition.


Got it! Thank you so much.


Why not "which" as apposed to "what"


"Which" should be OK.


I put "What food is your favorite" and was marked wrong. It the placement of food so important?


"What is your favorite food," and "what food is your favorite" are similar but distinct questions. The former is a faithful translation of the Spanish sentence, while the latter is not.


Which is your preferred food? Accepted 10/03/19


I wrote "What is your favourite food" and was marked wrong, seems like the English spelling of "favourite" is not acceptable.


British English spelling is usually accepted throughout the course, unless maybe if the word is on the rare and weird side, like "draught".

You might have made a different mistake.


Which is your preferred food - not accepted. Why?


Based on this RAE dictionary, it appears to me that the meaning of "preferito" is better translated as "preferred."

Del lat. praeferre 'llevar delante', 'anteponer', 'preferir'.

Conjug. c. sentir.

  1. tr. Dar la preferencia. U. t. c. prnl.
  2. tr. Exceder, aventajar.
  3. prnl. Gloriarse, jactarse.



It's a good translation. (Though I'm not a great fan of having just "which" on its own.)


What's the difference between "favorita" and "preferida"?


In this context, nothing.


What's the difference between preferido and favorito? Is there a time to use one as opposed to the other?


If you're talking about your favourite thing, they are interchangeable. If you are talking about something you prefer (like when you're limited to a specific list of foods), preferido is the better option.


Thanks! Good explanation!


"What is your preferred food?" this has just been accepted after I reported it a few moments ago


I'm wondering, when do you use "cual" over "que"?


Ogunz, there are two common situations where you use cuál.

One, if the word that follows is a form of the verb ser, cuál is looking for a specific answer for a question. Qué in that situation would ask for a definition:

  • ¿Cuál es la montaña más alta del país? - What is the tallest mountain in the country?

  • ¿Qué es una montaña? - What is a mountain?

Two, if the verb that follows is anything else than ser, cuál translates as "which", indicating a choice from a list. Qué would translate as "what" instead, for a more open-ended question:

  • ¿Cuál quieres comprar? - Which one do you want to buy?
  • ¿Qué quieres comprar? - What do you want to buy?


My translation - Cual es tu comida favorita - was not accepted. As preferida and favorita are interchangeable, this should have been accepted as it had been previously.


Mine was multiple choice and favorite was the only option


What's the difference between cuales and cual es?




im confused as when to use "cual es" or "cuales"...


why not favorita?


'What food do you prefer?" sounds better and is more literal


Why not, "What food is yout favorite?"


It's usually worth the time to read through the other questions and answers before posting a new question. Your question has been asked and answered multiple times already in this very thread.


I'll just copy my earlier reply to someone:

In the original Spanish sentence, comida is connected with preferida, and the question word cuál is on its own. This pairing should also be reflected in the translation.

It doesn't make much of a difference in meaning, though.


The spanish dictionary defines "cual" as which, Why is DL defining it as what? Confusing to me.


Cuál can translate as "which" or "what", and qué can translate as "which", "what", or "how". Which of these words you use depends on its surrounding in the sentence. In this case, the next word is a form of ser. The following rule applies here:

  • "¿Qué es...?" asks for a definition.
  • "¿Cuál es...?" asks for an answer.

An example:

  • ¿Qué es una capital? - What is a capital?
  • ¿Cuál es la capital de Chile? - What is the capital of Chile?

More about qué and cuál here.


Thanx for the info.


What food do you prefer should be accepted


I had the hardest time understanding the fora who wanted to translate 'preferido' (esp) to 'preferred' (eng). Preferred and Favorite collide in this confusing thread where the english translation takes us in a circle before running out of gas.

At first I though it was a case of false friends. Then I took EseEmeErre's advice to check a dictionary - so I did. And clear as day 'Preferido (esp) = favorite (eng). What was I missing? I had to be wrong with so many asking the same question. Where or why were they using preferred? The answer lies in the meaning of the English word preferred and its circular spanish references to 'favorito' and 'preferido'.

'Favorite' (eng) translates to 'favorito' and 'preferido' (esp) and means 'preferred'.

'Preferred' (eng) also translates to 'preferido' (esp) and means 'desired'.

So does "¿Cuál es tu comida preferida?" ask:

<pre>Which is your preferred food (out of these choices)? or What is your favorite food (in all the world)? </pre>

The Spanish is:

<pre> 'Cuál', (used for 'what' questions that imply choice. shout out to Daniel849735: https://www.thoughtco.com/whats-what-in-interrogative-pronouns-3078142). 'es tu comida' we are all OK with (I hope?) </pre>


'preferida' whose meaning depends on whether you are a waiter or a suitor. I would use 'preferred/preferido' in a sales/business atmosphere and 'favorite/preferido' in a personal setting, and 'favorito' when I want favorite to be clearly understood.

(excerpt from The Unofficial Duolingo Textbook for Serious Autodidacts 1st Edition © 2018 by normanmoore)


cual is "which", not "what".


Not necessarily. Cuál == "which" and qué == "what" is a common shortcut that learners use to distinguish between the two. While it works out that way most of the time, as you're learning in this exercise this rule of thumb is shortsighted and it can cause confusion. Cuál can be translated as both "which" and "what" depending on the question being asked.

There are a number of excellent guides for the proper usage of qué vs. cuál online, and a Google search away.


jason73043 ... Why comment at all if you really don't know?

A good rule to commenting in this forum should be

When in doubt

Leave it out

Comments that are just thrown in when a person really doesn't know "beans" about the subject can be very misleading. (And time wasting)

That being said. If you do a little research and your comment is "spot on" then you are reinforcing in your mind what you have just learned by sharing it with others. And you are likely to remember what you have researched and shared.

A good place to start your research on any word, sentence or exercise is


Thank you very much.

Lingots accepted


preferida and favorite both mean favorite? favorite implies out of all, prefer implies out of limited choices


Both preferido and favorito can mean "favourite", but preferido is also used for a limited set of choices, like "preferred" in English.


People, stop trying to compare this to english and pick apart the app. I just try to keep in mind that im learning another language. When i start trying to compare it to english or discect too much, thats when i get confused. Take it for what it is... A free app. We are all learning spanish for our own reasons, but if you wanna get technical then take a freakin college course.


I thought comida was dresses


Now I'm thinking about edible dresses.


I guess that would save on dry cleaning bills.

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