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"Los vestidos verdes son grandes."

Translation:The green dresses are large.

4 months ago



What is the primary use for vestido/s, as it can mean dress and outfit? I am assuming outfit is mainly for feminine use? or can that be used as for stating both male and female clothing?

4 months ago

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Well, according to the DRAE (Royal Dictionary of the Spanish Academy), vestido means:

  1. m. Prenda o conjunto de prendas exteriores con que se cubre el cuerpo.
    Extorior garment or garments with which we cover our bodies.

  2. m. Traje enterizo de la mujer.
    One-piece outfit for women.

4 months ago


So, here "grandes" means "large," but a few exercises ago "large" was incorrect?

3 months ago


Report it in the future.

2 months ago

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It's probably context related. (A) large (size) fits when you're talking about clothing, large/medium/small. But in other sentences the word 'big' would be a better fit.

You'd rather say: ''This is a big house.'' Instead of ''This is a large house.'' Both are accepted, but the first one is more commonly used.

1 month ago


I put big and it rejected it but a few questions ago it accepted big I have reported it.

2 months ago

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"The green dresses are big" is accepted.

2 months ago


Grande= large or big no? I don't think it should be wrong if I put big instead of large =/ come on duo

2 weeks ago


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1 week ago


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1 day ago