"Noc byla dost studená."

Translation:The night was quite cold.

May 22, 2018

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What is wrong on the sentence "the night was cold enough" ?


Due to the risk of confusion between the quite/rather vs enough we normally understand this as meaning the former and we would say dostatečně if we mean enough. But strictly speaking, your answer might be acceptable in the right context. You would have to stress dost in the pronunciation of the sentence.


Thank you for your explanation. Duo accepted my suggest.


How do we know that the preposition 'the' is necessary. One can say in my UK english 'night is qute cold' referring to nights in general rather than a specific night using the preposition.


This is clearly about a specific night, especially with the "dost - quite/rather". The one we were speaking about previously or just the last night.

If it was in present tense "Noc je studená.", then it could be a general statement about nights.


I hear sometimes "fakt" used, such as: "Noc byla fakt studena." How is "fakt" used? Mentally, it occupies the same space for me as "quite."


The closest word is probably "really". It's an intensifier showing that what you're saying is really true, it's a fact, you'd better believe it!

  • Fakt? -- Really?
  • Fakt jo? -- Is that really so??
  • No fakt! -- Well really!
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