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"Family is more important to me than other things."

Translation:Pro mě je důležitější rodina než jiné věci.

May 22, 2018



What is wrong with: Pro mě rodina je důležitějiš než jiné věci?


second position for je


One day (hopefully) I'll learn when/how to apply the Second Position Rule...


So this was a bit of a revelation for me, and I feel the need to babble about it. If any MOD or other Czech speaker has the patience to read it and reply, I'd appreciate it.

I've looked at nueby's two clitic posts more than once. Much of the detail is too advanced for me, and understanding of different pieces has come with experience. Here, it seems clear (?) that the clitic in this current sentence is an example of nueby's cluster piece "BE--free, positive present form of copula být."

So that means, in this course, we encountered examples of this clitic as early as the "to be" lessons? Ta stará ulice JE hezká. Vy JSTE velké holky. Am I understanding this correctly?

This all seems very obvious until I see examples like JSME malí kluci, also from the "to be" lesson. Does the second position rule not apply here because in this case jsme isn't a copula?

For learners following, here are links to nueby's two posts. They are linked a lot in these lessons, but you have to stumble across them. This is another place to stumble. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920 https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38369227

Edit seconds later: I also wanted to ask about "free positive present."

"Positive" means not není, right? "Present" means not "byl"? And Free?


Actually, I was wrong here. At least with the single sentence explanation.

The verb být is clitic only when being used as an auxiliary verb (in the past tense). It that case it is a constant (strict) clitic.

It is important to understand that as native speakers we go by what sounds natural and what does not. Rules, like the second position rule only describe how that works by observing the native speakers and writers. Most Czech speakers do not know that something like a second position rule exist, they just speak their language.

The proposed sentence does sound strange anyway.


Thanks. My little clitic fantasy was fun while it lasted. Like most fantasies, it's somewhat embarrassing in hindsight.


What about: "Rodina je dulezitejsi pro me nez jine veci?"


That is not very natural. Most often you want "důležitější než" to stay together.


But in the Czech version rodina separates them.


Could you also say something like "Rodina mi je důležitější než jiné věci" like in german?


I found exactly one occurrence in the syn v6 Czech national corpus. However, it is a very specific author known for his non-conforming poetry and this sentence is also quite "specific"...


Jsem snad už senilní

nebo se opravdu stávám šílencem

Masturbuji se den co den

a nemám sílu abych se za tebou rozjel

píši konstruuji rozebírám

Útěchu z ontologie

a tato hovadina

je mi důležitější než já sám

Egon Bondy, Básně z roku 1962


That's not to say that similar dative constructions do not exist in Czech but I think it is rare in this specific case. http://mluvtecesky.net/en/grammar/verbal_constructions

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