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  5. "These are not my friends."

"These are not my friends."

Translation:Éstos no son mis amigos.

May 22, 2018


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Why us there an accent and it ends in 'os'?

May 22, 2018


these = estos, estas

Nowadays those words don't need an accent mark.


And yet Dúo warns me about the missing accent here...


They shouldn't have. The accent mark used to be used to denote the difference between demonstrative adjective, "Estos amigos - These friends", and demonstrative pronoun, "Éstos son amigos - These are friends."

As Prof. Antonio says, nowadays the accent isn't needed unless there is a need for clarity. In this DL sentence "Éstos" is clearly a pronoun, so the accent is redundant. While not an error as such, DL should probably change it to "Estos", and they definitely shouldn't warn about a missing accent mark.


Duo is getting sloppy - anyone know what's going on?

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