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  5. "I am eating bread and meat."

"I am eating bread and meat."

Translation:Jím chléb a maso.

May 22, 2018



I eat and I am eating are same? Jím?


Yep. Czech has only one present tense.

Please do note that it does not mean that Present Simple/Present Continuous/Present Perfect are always equally valid translations. The verbs in Czech can be modified (eg. imperfective x perfective verb pairs, different verbs of motion) and sometimes there's only one corresponding English verb tense that is correct.


Z jakého důvodu nemohu přeložit "Jím chléb s masem."? Vzpomínám na anglickou větu, kde jedli členové rybu s rýží a věta byla psána "...fish and rice..." Děkuji.


Chléb a maso je přece něco jiného než ryba a rýže ...


Question about chleba. A Czech acquaintance once told me to use chleba as an object, "Jím chleba". Is this correct?


The nominative and accusative case is the same for both chléb and chleba. So yes it is correct.

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