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what is the german word for book and reading

May 22, 2018



These are words that you can find in dictionaries, for example LEO: https://dict.leo.org/german-english/book (book) https://dict.leo.org/german-english/read (read)

I'm reading a book. = Ich lese ein Buch.


The German word for book is Buch, and books is Bücher.

To read- lesen.

I read- Ich lese.

You read- Du liest.

He/she reads- Er/sie liest.

They read- Sie lesen.

We read- Wir lesen.


book -> das Buch books -> die Bücher

reading -> lesen

ich lese = i read

du liest = you read (sing informal)

er/sie/es liest = he/ she it reads

wir lesen = we read

ihr lest = you read (plural informal)

sie lesen = they read

Sie lesen = you read (sing/pl formal)

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