Translation:I want to ask him this.

7 months ago



What's the rule here? Obviously "i want him to ask this", and "i want to ask him this" are two very different sentences. But in the earlier practices the former option was the correct format.

7 months ago

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"I want him to ask this" would require the subjunctive mood in Spanish, since you're expressing a desire that somebody else do something. That would be translated into "Quiero que él pregunte esto." or something similar.

7 months ago


I am confused when you need to include what the indirect object is referring to. On other questions it could be written "Yo le quiero preguntar al maestro esto" but not on this one for some reason?

6 months ago


It is my understanding, for what it is worth, that the use of the pronoun is required and the use of the clarifying phrase (al maestro in your example) is optional.

5 months ago


DL has been teaching 'yo le hago una pregunta,' so I thought this was going to be 'yo le quiero hacer una pregunta.' I don't understand when to use the verb phrase 'hacer una pregunta' and when to use the verb 'preguntar.' Thanks.

2 months ago


Why not simply and literally "I want to ask this?" How is gender inferred in the statement?

1 month ago
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