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Tired of leaderboard. Anybody else??

I used to want to be the one who was always number one or number two or even number three on my leaderboard. I found out that it doesn't matter in the long run. It won't make you speak Spanish better than anybody else. It will only make you frustrated. So the next time someone passes me or wins the weekly award or whatever, I am gonna just laugh and say to myself, "I don't care, " and let it be. I learned for me that doing 30 minutes of Duolingo is enough in one day, then it's on to my grammar lessons, my Spanish videos, my flashcards, reading books, etc. That way I immerse myself in Spanish the best way that I can. I am learning more by doing it that way than just doing Duolingo and worrying about who the next person is that is gonna pass me up or have more crowns than me. Anybody else feel that way?

May 22, 2018



I am just like you, reading books, youtube teaching videos, listening to stories in Spanish. My motivation is I am so frustrated being unable to understand spoken Spanish … it just keeps me motivated to get to the point where I can! LOL.


Yeah, I need to work extra hard sometimes to catch anything mi Tia says! Because you have to talk fast in spanish.


There are a lot of tools on this site to motivate. Each person finds a different thing that motivates them. The leaderboard is one while there are also: crowns, levels, streaks, lingots, trees, goldening skills, word counts, and? not everything is supposed to strike a nerve with you but the fact you questioned it means it definitely motivated you in the past and you want to make sure its okay for you to let it go. My answer to that is only if you are a quitter! JK JK JK Language learning should be fun if you don't want to compete at that anymore then don't! Good luck!


I think this is a great decision that you've taken. Sometimes, for a certain time, something can be useful for us; for example, the leaderboard can help us stay motivated.

But when you feel that it doesn't motivate you any longer, then it's a very good idea to look for new inspiration, new possibilities.

The main thing, in my opinion, is that you don't lose your joy in learning, and that you strengthen your interest in the Spanish language. That's what you do -- and that's great. :-)


You have a competitive nature. Don’t fight it. Adjust to it like you have planned.


I wanted to be number one just once, because I wanted a golden star in my achievement list, but I totally get you.


How do you know what Achievements there are?


No, how many or how many are there? I have no idea what you are asking! :)


"I wanted to be #1 just once, because I wanted a golden star in my Achievement list. " Sorry, I thought you were referring the the Áchievements that appears on the right on the home page. I was wondering how you knew there was one of these to get...


Yeah, I get frustrated sometimes when someone passes me, but I don't care. I just keep moving forward and learn new words in spanish every day until I can speak spanish to mi tía and mi hermana!

Keep it up, your doing great!!


I agree with you to a certain extent. I feel like the leaderboards help push my limits a bit, in a positive way. Do I think that they should come before actually learning the material though? No, of course not. Learning Spanish (or any other language) should be the #1 goal, and ending up on a leaderboard should be more of a perk than anything else.


I think the most important thing is just to keep your streak going but make sure things are actually staying and improving in your head at the same time. Being on top of the leader board only mattered to me once so I could earn the profile achievement but that was it. However sometimes when you go through a consistent period of practise for a few days and then find out that you were No 1 for the week can be a pleasant surprise still!


Also I think that people in your club who keep consistently practising on duolingo tend to always be near the top of the leader board anyway even if they aren't even trying to be there. I tend to follow those people and whenever they talk in the club discussion I'm more likely to reply to them and continue the conversation. I think speaking to an actual person in the language you're studying is the best way to learn after all.


I agree with you!


Leaderboard, I can take or leave it.


I totally agree. IMHO the best way to learn a language is to come at it from every direction that you can. For me the leader board is a motivation tool (just as so many things are with Duolingo). And if I can't stay motivated with something I try something else and come back to it later. The hardest part for me is trying to understand different speakers of the language and the Duolingo Stories is helping with that.


I was just thinking the same thing earlier this morning. I appreciate that you gave voice to your thoughts which helped confirm mine. A lingot for your thoughts!


Thanks. A lingot for you too just because great minds think alike, eh?


VERY tired of it.


Okay, I get the idea


Hi JaceArthur1 - I like what you said about following people who practice regularly, but how do you find their comments? I have always wondered how I can pull up a list of discussions that people I am following are currently participating in … is that even possible on Duolingo?


Hi. When I was speaking about following other people's discussions I meant in your Club discussion page in particular. I'm not sure if you can see which discussion your friends are participating on the main duolingo discussion pages though, but I may be wrong.

If you're using desktop I don't know if you can even open your Club's page, atleast I haven't figured out how to yet. But I have duolingo on my Ipad aswell, and from the app on there I can open the Club discussion and you can start and join in on conversations there. Also certain activities show up every now and again which you can do along with other members of your club. Hope that was helpful :)


I have no idea, but I also like following people who practice constantly.


If it helps you, use it, if not, don't. It's just a tool that helps some people, but if it's not working for you, don't worry about it.


Yes, I agree. St first i enjoyed the challenge of the Leaderboard. But, over time, i found i was rushing through lessons and [especially] stories just to get the points and really not learning.


sounds like a personal problem

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