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'Can't listen now' button for the Chinese course.

Hi Everyone,

I have noticed that in many other courses, there are 'Can't speak now' and 'Can't listen now' buttons for the questions that require the use of your microphone and other questions that require you to listen to the audio and mark what sound it makes.

The 'say this into the microphone' questions have not been added to the Chinese course yet, so the 'Can't speak now' button doesn't really matter. (I tried to get Duolingo to add 'say this into the microphone' questions to the Chinese course here). However, it gets quite annoying to try to guess the answer when I can't listen to the audio for whatever reason.

I think this would save me and lots of other people a lot of frustration, as well as let them learn new things without having to guess the answer. Is it possible to add this feature?



P.S. If you would like to see some stories in Chinese, you can show your support here.

May 22, 2018



I think the distinction is the "can't listen now" button appears on questions where you have to transcribe what you hear in your target language. In my observation, the Chinese course doesn't have these questions, either. What to do: turn off the microphone and speakers in settings.


Hi FallingLeaf. Are you using a mobile or a computer? I have had the option on my mobile for ages (and make frequent use of it!).


I am on a computer.


Hmmm... now you've made me think! I don't recall ever seeing a listening-only exercise on the computer, just on the mobile.

That seems odd in itself, as I think the listening-only exercises are very important (possibly because I know it's a major weak spot for me compared to the reading).

If you are indeed getting those exercises on your computer then a) I am a bit jealous, and b) it does seem rather poor that you can't postpone them when necessary as I can on my phone.

This looks like something for a Duo rep to look into and answer for you, I hope they do!


I have not seen listening-only exercises in the computer or the app for the Chinese course. They are there on both the computer and app for most other courses, but not all. If you have gotten exercises where you have to write a full Chinese sentence on the app, then I am surprised.

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