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  5. "juHqo'Daq ghoqem!"

"juHqo'Daq ghoqem!"

Translation:Bring us to the homeworld!

May 22, 2018



Just to verify my understanding, if I were to remove -Daq from this sentence, would it translate to "Bring us the homeworld" as in with a giant homeworld-moving-space-laser?


That's how I would interpret that.


Yes. It uses a feature of the language we informally call the "prefix trick," which lets you make your verb prefix agree with an unstated first- or second-person indirect object instead of a direct object.

juHqo' ghoqem Bring us the homeworld! (prefix trick)

maHvaD juHqo' yIqem Bring us the homeworld! (without prefix trick)


ummm.....if you look this up on boQwI', it would appear to be nonsense. Is this a colloquial phrase like "Beats me!"?


I don't have boQwI', but this is a perfectly good Klingon sentence.

juH home
qo' world
juHqo' homeworld
-Daq locative: to, in, at, by
juHqo'Daq to/in/at/by the homeworld

gho- imperative, object is "us"
qem bring
ghoqem bring us

juHqo'Daq ghoqem Bring us to the homeworld.


Breaking it down like that really helps, thanks! I'll have to look in TKD (The Klingon Dictionary) and KGT (Klingon for the Galactic Traveler) to find a textbook approach like that to explain all the broken down components.

It would be nice if Duolingo had explanations like that you could hover over when you come across a confusing one. Perhaps too much work?


Duolingo doesn't provide this much information in the Hints (which are what you get when you hover. However, much of this information is covered in detail in the Tips & Notes.

If you are doing the course on iOS or Android, you cannot currently access the Tips & Notes through the app. To access the Tips & Notes, you will have to access the course using a web browser at https://www.duolingo.com/, either from your mobile device or from a computer. When you click on a Skill, it will expand to reveal a Start button and a light bulb. If you click on the light bulb it will reveal the Tips & Notes and give you a detailed explanation of the grammar that is introduced in that Skill.


Duo's hints system has limitations when it comes to agglutinative languages such as Turkish, Hungarian, or Klingon, where words can consist of lots of little pieces.


It's my opinion that the hover-over Hints provide plenty of information already. Sometimes too much, in fact - for example, they often put the correct verb prefixes and aspect suffixes needed for the English-to-Klingon translation together with the verb stem for us, and I wish they wouldn't. (The word tiles regularly do the same thing.) It's the language student's job to take these hints and pieces and be able to put them together correctly, and learning to parse sentences correctly is a big part of that. If the app - or whatever your learning media is - does too much of this type of work for you, it isn't doing you any favors in the long run.

In my experience, in order to really learn any language, it's best if you learn to do these things for yourself. No, you might not get the meaning of every sentence right on the very first try. But you will become better, and stronger, at identifying the various parts of these "compound words," for lack of a better term, the more practice you get at figuring it out for yourself.


Get The Klingon Dictionary for the textbook approach to the language—it's a sketch of the language, not a tutorial—and get Klingon for the Galactic Traveler for information about the way Klingons use their language in everyday speech and other contexts.


doulingo from a web broswer on windows/linux/mac has a lesson page you can view before you press the 'start lesson' button


When I look it up in boQwI' I get:
juHqo' + -Daq n. home world

-Daq n. locative (noun type 5)

gho- + qem v. bring

gho- v. imperative: you-us, you (plural)-us

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