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German Grammar- English to German

How do you say, "My German grammar is bad" in German?

May 22, 2018



The literal translation would be "Meine deutsche Grammatik ist schlecht".

But I think I would rather say something like: "Mit der deutschen Grammatik habe ich noch (große) Probleme". ("I still have (considerable) problems with German grammar"). This sounds more natural to me in German.

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Heike - Das war ein großartiger Satz und ich habe ihn meiner Phraseliste hinzugefügt.


Meine deutsch Grammatik ist schlecht.


The sentence is correct with a minor change: "Meine deutsche Grammatik ist schlecht". (I know, the declension of adjectives in German is a challenge ...)


I'd also go with something more idiomatic than the direct translation. My preference would be to use the German verb sich schwertun (to find something difficult, to have difficulties with something): "Mit der deutschen Grammatik tue ich mir schwer."

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