"Mche wa mti"

Translation:Tree seedling

May 22, 2018

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That sounds like MTE not mche


D L is a far way from accepting non-literal translations. My Latin teacher used to say..translate the idea, not the words. I guess it is unrealistic to expect a machine to match the fantastic power of human intelligence created by a Super Intelligent God.


Wouldn't seedling of a tree be correct?


I also tried sapling of tree.. it said its incorrect.. not sure why though


"Mte wa mti" is what I hear


I had same problem. By the way it is nice to see someone using the forum two months ago or less


Me too I typed "seedling of tree" and it was marked incorrect


Does the seed of the tree not mean the same?


No, a "seedling" (mche) is not just a "seed" (mbegu). A seedling is a small plant that has germinated (come out and started to grow) from the seed. Before this happens, it's just a seed.


When you have a word that starts with a nasal followed by a plosive like in mche and mti, does the m usually become syllabic by itself, like in the audio here? Or is it usually pulled into the following syllable a bit more? It's probably the former, since that's how it sounds in the audio and if it were one syllable, the consonant cluster would go a bit against the sonority hierarchy.


yes, typically if 'm' is followed by a consonant it's considered a syllable e.g. "mbwa" is m-bwa (pronounced mmm-bwah)


I think just "seedling" alone should be accepted cos you can't have seedling of any other thing - there's nothing like: stone seedling, house seedling, car seedling, etc. The idea/concept of a seedling is only restricted to trees. Therefore whether one translates "mchea wa miti" as "tree seedling" or just "seedling" alone, both are correct and ought to be marked as such by Duo


Every other plant has seedlings


Not only that, but there's something to be said for encouraging the user to translate it somewhat more literally from time to time. I think this case is a fair example of that.


I think sapling should be accepted by itself. Only trees can have saplings. But yeah, a seedling can be any plant.


When I stayed in Uganda I saw in many places people selling small pots, made of paper, seedlings of trees.


I agree that this sounds likr mte not mche. So does my husband who is Tanzanian.


I put tree seed and it was wrong :(

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