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  5. "bIqet 'ej bISup."

"bIqet 'ej bISup."

Translation:You run and jump.

May 22, 2018



The translation it just suggested for me was "You'll run and jumped." I suspect this comes out of combining "or" statements to chain the sentence together and might not be worth worrying about, but in case it's just something that happened to get overlooked, I thought I'd mention it.


That's right -- it allows any tense for the first verb and any tense for the second verb and allows the second "you" to be present or not, even though you would usually only leave it out when the two tenses are identical. A shortcut to save having to type lots of individual sentences.

An alternative would be to allow any tense for first and second if "you" is present twice, and then individual sentences which omit the "you" but force the same tense for the first and second verb. What do you think?


I agree with that plan so much that I already implemented it!

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