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Looking for a dinner table diagram in German.

I keep forgetting and mixing up words like "Teller," "Tasse," and "Messer." To help I'm trying to find some kind of picture diagram of a dinner table with labels for all the items in German but all I get are English results, even when I search in German.

Does anyone have such a diagram I can save?

May 23, 2018



Perhaps something like this?


This is nice. But I would say that the small cup is "die Espressotasse" and the teacup is "die Kaffeetasse" or simply "die Tasse". A "Teetasse" has a wider opening. You might like to know that the saucer is called "die Untertasse".

The soup bowl in this picture is usually "der tiefe Teller".

"die Glaswaren" is rather technical, "die Gläser" is more common.

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