"A gift for my wife."

Translation:Un regalo para mi esposa.

5 months ago



When is para correct as versus por?

4 months ago


I'm still learning the difference. Luckily my gut was right on this one because you use "para" for a recipient. Here's a handy guide: https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/por-vs-para

3 months ago


Thanks !!

2 months ago


Do i need ESP to discern what word you want for wife? I used marida rather than esposa, are they not synonyms? Ultimately, you changed it again to companera.

5 months ago


I have only ever seen esposa used and accepted in the app.

4 months ago


Esposa/Esposo are the terms used most widely around the world. In spain, husbands are called maridos, however it is very uncommon for a wife to be called marida, even though it is a word. Instead they use mujer. Ive never heard of companera though.

4 months ago


Why donacion inste of regalo?

5 months ago

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If you typoed [una regalo], Duo may have corrected regalo to donaciĆ³n to fit with the una, instead of just telling you that you put the article in the wrong gender for regalo. It makes it look like regalo is "wrong," but it isn't.

5 months ago


When I had to translate this sentence from English to Spanish it required an A between para and mi but when it came up several questions later it marked it wrong For putting the A in

5 months ago
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