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Keyboards in Germany

How are they? Good? Bad? (I know that sounds terribly weird and awkward but oh well)

Easy / Hard to get used to?

What do they look like?

Will a English one work just fine there?

And how would you make it a German one on mine that's English?

May 23, 2018



On a Windows computer, you can change the language setting of the keyboard via the control panel. That way you can plug in an English keyboard into a German computer and still type the way you're used to.

If you use a German language setting on an English keyboard, you might end up with a lot of confusion in the punctuation / special characters sections: http://clasfaculty.ucdenver.edu/tphillips/GermanKeyboardLayout.html

When I lived abroad, it took me a few months to get used to the z/y switch. (Luckily, their keyboards retained most of the punctuation / special characters I was used to.)


I keep the English keyboard, but I am able to make mine in international mode so if I need the ß, I just need to pres alt+s. I can also do ü, ö, ä, and many more just by pressing the alt key and some letter.

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