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"She is editing the photo in the morning."

Translation:Am Morgen bearbeitet sie das Foto.

May 23, 2018



Sie bearbeitet das Photo in der Früh - Natives, why would this not be accepted? Thanks in advance.


Hi Doi2, there are two possible issues: 1) In German, we use 'Foto' instead of 'Photo'. 2) 'in der Frueh' is definitely something I would say myself, but I guess the proper way of translating it would be 'am Morgen' Having said that, apart from the little typo in 1), I think it is a darn good translation, so keep up the great work!


Should "Sie bearbeitet das foto morgen früh" be accepted?


"morgen frueh" translates to "tomorrow morning," so I'd say they're different: the futureness you are wanting to ascribe to the sentence isn't necessarily there. That said, I am not a native speaker, merely a learner, so I could very well be wrong :)


morgens bearbeitet sie das Foto ?


If you use "morgens", it would imply that she edits the photo every morning Eg. you say "Morgens fruestuecken wir" because one eats breakfast every day.


I think: morgens is an adverb which means in the morning. Wir arbeiten morgens Frueh. Which means we work early in the morning. It does not mean that we work EVERYDAY in the morning.


is "ein Foto" and "ein Bild" the same thing?


'Sie editiert das Foto am morgen.' should be accepted, as well.


Anyone know why does the 'in the morning' need to come at the beginning rather than the end?


This sentence has future implications in English, so surely 'Sie wird das foto am morgen bearbeiten' should work?

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