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Windows 10, typing accents

I recently found myself unable to type accents. I was using QWERTY with the Latin American Spanish option and it just was't working, no matter what Google-found suggestions I tried.

Finally, today, I discovered this youtube video where I found a solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIgvrFD9d-8

I removed my Latin American Spanish option, and added the Spain Spanish option. Just like that, my accents started working again.

I don't know why I stopped being able to use the accents with the Latin American option. But, I'm super glad to be able to type accents again. So, I hope this can help someone else since it took me 4 days to finally be able to type accents.

Buena suerte con sus estudios! ^_^

May 23, 2018



I use the "United States-International" keyboard layout and have never had any issues. That might be worth a try if anybody else runs into issues with the Spanish/Latin-American keyboard.


Usagiboy7, do you have to use a combination of keys to type the accents? I have my PC (Windows 10) set for English/International and for example, when you type accented vowels, you tap a single quote key then the vowel. Is it the same for the Spain Spanish option?



I am using English (United States) Keyboard. And yes, with the Spanish (Spain) option I now press the quote button followed by the vowel and it produces the accent mark I want. I haven't tried to type the U with the dots on top of it yet.

[deactivated user]

    I don’t understand the “Win 10” in the title. Is this a serious of posts ?


    Microsoft Windows 10? Usagiboy is noting the operating system being used; accessing different keyboards works differently on Windows versus Mac, and on computers versus cell phone telephones.

    And "series of posts." Not "serious of..."


    Hi Chistopher580771,
    Thanks for seeking clarification! It helps me remember to try to make clearer subject titles. I'll go ahead and edit mine. :)

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