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"Li trinkas bieron, ĉar li estas malfeliĉa."

Translation:He is drinking beer, because he is unhappy.

May 23, 2018



Li havas problemon.


Aŭ problemojn...


One sentence is about how Adam and Sofia are working in an office. The next is about unhappy alcoholics. I see how it is...


He doesn't drink a beer because he's sad. He drinks a beer because it's karaoke night at the bar, beers are ½ off, and he's trying to work up the courage to sing Céline Dion's "That's The Way It Is".

Sheesh! Duolingo can be so negative (and judgemental) sometimes.


Sounds familiar...


Estas mi, sed mi estas virinon


mi estas virino, MayElSin.

Never use accusative with the verb ESTI.


Story el mia vivo


"Tio estas la historio de mia vivo."?


Li havas trinkan problemon.


Potentially stupid question: "he drinks beer because he is sad" and "he is drinking beer because he is sad" are both accepted answers. However, as a native English speaker I infer different things about the man from the tense/aspect combination: first, he's a depressed alcoholic; second: he's had a bad day. Does Esperanto have a mechanism to make this distinction or is it all about context?


There are only two kinds of stupid questions.

  • The question you didn't ask.
  • The question asked in the same thread right above yours.

Yours is not a stupid question.

It's all about context. Context can include clarifying words.

  • Kial li drinkas ĉiutage?



Kial li estas malfeliĉa?

  • li estas malfeliĉa ĉar li havis malbonan tagon; li trinkas ĉar li estas malfeliĉa;
  • li estas malfeliĉa ĉar lian katon forpasis 10 jaroj antaŭ en stranga kuirejo akcidento; li trinkas ĉar li estas (ankaŭ) malfeliĉa.




Mi profitas la okazon por fari kelkajn rimarkojn, ĉu bone?

li estas malfeliĉa ĉar li havis malbonan tagon; li drinkas ĉar li estas malfeliĉa;

li estas malfeliĉa ĉar lia kato forpasis antaŭ 10 jaroj en stranga kuirej-akcidento; li drinkas ĉar li estas (ankaŭ) malfeliĉa.


Context. French and probably a lot of other languages don't intrinsically specify this difference either.


Im certain Duo is like this from the amount of people that ignores his practice notifications


Well that took a rather dark turn...


ankaŭ li trinkas bieron, ĉar li estas feliĉa.


Kial ne, "he drinks a beer"?


Context, I guess. It is possible that someone decides on a beer, rather than a lemonade or a water of life, for being unhappy. But what we read more often is that people are drinking (beer) because they're unhappy.

They both seem fine to me. If someone finds this is still not accepted, then it could be reported as a correct answer.



It is impossible to DRINK a beer. You TRINKAS a beer.

DRINKI means to get drunk.


Did you misunderstand my question? My quote is in English.


Yes, EdenC996, I misunderstood. Forgive me!


Awwwwww! Forgiven. Here is a lingot!


Unless you are very hungry and/or have just given blood. In that case you can get drunk from a single beer...

...especially if you happen to be in Bavaria and a beer is one whole bloody litre.


Drinki doesn't usually take an object. It's more like saying "I'm going out drinking tonight" or "I'm worried because my husband drinks."


Jesus Duolingo, you went from 0 to 100 real quick with these problems. Went from translating ugly, dancing babies to depressed alcoholics in one lesson.


Yeah, too bad. Why beer, though, he should get some good, old fashioned vinon.


You can't blame him. The story is falling into place one piece of the puzzle at a time. "Mi laboras en malbona oficejo." "La malbona viro ne estas en la oficejo hodiaux."


Water > beer i always drink water when im sad


It's just a casual day at the office with Adamo and Sofia, and the BAM! An alcoholic drinking to cope with his problems.


Duolingo, are you ok?


why isn't 'as' accepted to replace 'because'?


Report it using the report a problem button and see if it gets added as an alternative.


dang. esperanto goes hard


Its alright Adam, she didn't deserve it anyways. Worry not friend, the galaxy is full of surprises and happiness. You'll find someone who treats you well my friend.


Why is it bieron and not bier? This n at the end occurred in other sentences as well, but I didn't get it... Why does it have to be there?


In Esperanto, every noun ends with an -o, the -n gets placed at the end of a word if it's accusative. I recommend to take a look at the duolingo website (also accessible on the phone), you can find tips and explenations about the grammar there when clicking on the little light bulb. You don't have this function when you use the app. I hope this helped



In Esperanto, direct objects always receive the addition of an N at the end.


Too close to home, Duo.


Ĉu vi estas oŭkeja?


What? Why would you do that? Beer is a happy drink!!1one Whisky, rum or gin on the other hand...


This Is to real. Dou don't he sad. If he won't do his spanish that's hisloss, don't it get you down hugs

Also if anyone sees this comment I hope you have a good day and I hope you don't succumb to alcholism


Can anyone tell me why there is a comma in this sentence? To the best of my knowledge, you wouldn't need one if this were an English sentence. Is the comma a mistake on the creator's part, or is it a function of Esperanto?



This comma is not necessary, it is not essential.


reminds me of my father


She didn't deserve him anyways. He shall find someone way better than Sofia.


Lol, i tiped the first half in esperanto and the second half in english. How dumb


Why beer is in accusative? Li trinkas biero could also work fine.


Why? Because it's the direct object. Without the -n could not work fine -- not in Esperanto.


Since the order of word is not important, without the -n, the beer could be the one who is drinking him. For example, in the sentence "lin trinkas biero"


Even with the -n ending, word order can be very important in Esperanto.


I feel attacked


Defeatist phrases should be avoided, as they are useless. Insulting phrases, such as "We don't need such idiots here", or insistent phrases on the subject of alcoholism, should also be avoided. Positive, constructive and uplifting phrases are welcome, as they help to improve the mood.


I didn't know Duo knew about my dad


Tale as long as time.


I think he meant, “a tale as old as time.”


You are drinking wrong... ;o)


I just thought I'd mention - at the risk of being taken the wrong way - that "funny" comments can be annoying to some of the people who are searching the forum for unanswered questions. "Funny" comments means more notifications and more threads to sort through to find people who are looking for help.

I see that ionasky has brought this to your attention. I didn't say anything on that thread. If you're level 25, maybe you could start answering some basic questions at this point. There are tons of questions like "why is it 'la angla' and not just 'angla'?"

I'm sure it would be appreciated.


Salivanto, I like to joke, and I intend to continue (free Internet and stuf - hope you don't take it the wrong way either) BUT I do accept criticism the right way. I confess that I did not unsderstand ionasky's "hint" (had to look up the comment again) and now that I realise that I had not answered a question in quite some time, I apologize and promess I will be more attentive to it.

Thanks for the straight talk.


I appreciate your kind reaction. I like to joke too. As they say (paraphrased) please joke responsibly. :-)


Please select beter sentances. Ugly baby and drinking because of sadnes is not good references for mankind


But, accurate. Many people don't think babies are cute, and for many folks, life is merely a prison sentence and (not that it is a good way to cope) alcohol helps numb them enough to get through another day.

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