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"El básquetbol es un deporte divertido."

Translation:Basketball is a fun sport.

May 23, 2018



Is the difference between El básquetbol and El baloncesto regional?


According to spanishdict.com, "básquetbol" is used in Latin America.


Why is funny sport wrong?


why do you mark it wrong when we use El baloncesto and mark as correct, El basquetbol OK. At the beginning of this course, we were taught to use El baloncesto and now it's wrong. what is right and what is not


It tells me 'basketball is A enjoyable sport! I put an enjoyable sport! So i have been getting it wrong all these years?


Of course not. Apparently, it's an AI error.


It's not marked correct or incorrect by AI. They have to set the possibilities manually and define the errors. One of the volunteers who act as a go-between once posted all of the manual work they have to do to define what is right or wrong. It looked crazy making and explains why duolingo is so full of errors. They made a mistake, not a big deal. However, the really frustrating part is that this was reported at least a year ago and as of today it is still incorrect. This is the case for most of duolingo regardless of whether you pay or not.


Can someone please explain when to use Al and when to use El before a sport? I feel like I should have gotten this a long time ago, but I'm still just guessing for sentences like these.


Al (contraction of a el) or a los is used following jugar - check out this explanation. https://www.spanishdict.com/answers/188968/why-the-al-in-for-example-quiero-jugar-al-tenis


Basketball is AN enjoyable sport. Not A enjoyable sport.


What is wrong with funny?


Is there a way to tell whether it's "fun" or "funny"? Duo accepted both, but I'm wondering about the word itself (divertido), in actual conversations.


How does one differentiate between "sport" and "game"?


You do not have a typo when you write 'an enjoyable sport' not 'a enjoyable sport'.


Why use "Basketball" when you've already told us the actual Spanish translation is "baloncesto"?


John, it seems both básquetbol and baloncesto are used by Spanish speakers (possibly depending on where they live), so isn't it reasonable for Duo to teach us both?


Do all sports have a definite article before them in Spanish


Nouns in the subject or beginning of a sentence usually need an article not just sports. Not sure of the rule, just picking it up as I Duo along.


I (like two posters below) am also confused and just guessing on when to use an article in front of the noun. I went to spanishdict.com since it has been referred to a number of times in these discussion pages and found that there seems to be no hard and fast rule but rather a number of guidelines. Here's an article that cleared things up a little for me. Hope it helps. https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/using-the-definite-article-in-spanish


My answer is not a typo. Basketball is AN entertaining sport. While i am at it, will Duolingo study the different use of WHO and WHOM. Thank you.


Never come across the Spanish for basketball so gave it my best shot but git it wrong. Why does duo introduce new words when there's no hint available to cross check! So annoying

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