"My mother has received the box."

Translation:Mia madre ha ricevuto la scatola.

4 years ago



I'm really confused here:

I understand that the past tense verb ('ricevuto' in this case, sorry I don't know the jargon =) ) has to reflect the gender of the object. How when 'madre' and 'scatola' are both female, is it 'ricevuto'?

4 years ago


You only have to adapt the past participle of a verb that uses "essere" as auxiliary.

Luisa è rimasta a casa. . Marco è rimasto a casa.

the past participle of verbs with "avere" will only be reflected if in the sentence there is a direct object pronoun.

luisa ha cucinato. (she is female but the verb constructed with the auxiliary "avere" does not changed)

Chi ha fatto la torta? L'ho fatta io. (la torta is replaced by the direct object pronoun what makes necessary an adaption of the past participle.)

4 years ago
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