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Will High Valyrian include pronunciation?

I don't know if it's a problem with all my devices, but I cannot hear the pronunciation of the High Valyrian exercises. It's a problem to me, since it's easier to remember the sounds instead the written form of the words. Does anyone feel the same?

May 23, 2018



8 months ago Dedalvs wrote:

I want the course to be complete and error free (or at least Tree 1) before I give them the green light on audio (and there is a real possibility that it will be me doing at least some of the audio).


I love my languages, and it's a dream come true to have a Duolingo course on one of them, but I can tell you from experience that it's a real bummer to be recording audio in a professional setting only to discover a mistake or two (I've recorded audio for both of my books, and had that experience both times. It is beyond frustrating). The only problem with me doing the course is that I do have other things to do that come first (at the moment, three different television shows and one video game). I really am going to try my best to get this finished up sooner rather than later, though—hopefully by the beginning of season 8; definitely by the time The Winds of Winter is published.


There is a tips and notes guide to pronunciation.

On the website (not the apps, where it is just not available) you can access tips and notes by clicking on the light bulb to the right of each skill's start button.


I hope this is still true as it seems they have abandoned audio for Swahili and Klingon now has to earn it.


That would be amazing!


After a month the answer has remained unclear


I will love that

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