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"I would like three lumps of sugar in my milk."

Translation:Ich möchte drei Stück Zucker in meine Milch.

May 23, 2018



The drop-down is very misleading.

[deactivated user]

    Surely "... In meiner Milch"? (dative form)


    Well, while implicit, you ask someone to put the sugar into the milk and hence to perform a directed act, and as you remember, then (with direction / movement) we use accusative in German.


    Ja, nicht "wo", sondern "wohin", und deshalb nicht Dativ, sondern Akkusativ. This is obviously hard to distinct for English speaking people, who use the same word (where) for both words: quo/ubi (LAT), куда/где (RUS), kam/kde (CZE), hová/hol (HUN), adonde/donde (ESP) etc.


    Why "...drei Stück Zucker..." and not "...drei Stücke Zucker..."? There are three lumpS (plural) of sugar!


    Drei stück ...drei kilo etc to English speakers it seems strange being singular but that's what it is.


    So, wie " drei Scheibe Schinken", "vier Kugel Eis" ???


    Can I not use "Ich hätte gern" here?


    That's what I tried as well. Not accepted, but I think it should be.


    The drop down is very misleading. When I checked the for the german meaning for 'lump', it kept giving me the meaning for 'three lumps of sugar'. And that too the meaning given for that entire part was just 'zucker'. It never mentioned that 'lump' was 'stück'. So the answer I wrote turned out to be wrong.


    Guys, I think the larger, more disturbing question here is: why does anyone want sugar, let alone 3 (!) lumps of it, in their milk??


    I used to put some into mine when I was a kid.

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    Can you use "Klumpen" for lumps?


    "Stück(e) Zucker = Zuckerstücke = Würfelzucker" is the more usual German expression in regard to sugar. I have not heard "Klumpen Zucker" in the German language up to now.


    Stück seems totally unnecessary to me in this sentence. The hints make no mention of it either. SMH

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