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"Nosotros pagamos catorce dólares."

Translation:We pay fourteen dollars.

May 23, 2018



Wouldn't the translation be "we paid fourteen dollars."?


It could be that too, yes. The conjugation is the same for present and preterit, so it depends on the context of the sentence. http://www.spanishdict.com/conjugate/pagar


Q- how much do you pay him per hour? A- We pay fourteen dollars.


Hello Rahul, You bring up an interesting way for people like me to maybe grasp the way a certain question or sentence may be understood as a correct way of wording things. At first when I clicked on Discuss I was ready to point out that "paid" would be a better translation. However, the way you presented it as an answer to a question has now taught me to look how something might be presented in an actual conversation rather than just looking at a particular translation and not fully understanding why something is written the way it was or is. Maybe DL could learn something from your post and have less confusion with the order in which words are presented. Thanks, greatly appreciated.


More important probably is that DL has not introduced the preterit tense at this point in the tree, so you should be translating to the present indicative (including the participle/gerund and a few other exceptions).


For all the times I put in an "s" for a word or didn't add one by mistake and get counted wrong for the whole sentence, I accidentally entered "$15" and it was accepted. Just wanted to share that with everyone. Duolingo algorithms don't seem to know their #'s! xD


I am surprised 'we pay $14' is accepted..


I got away with "we pay 14 bucks" :)


Gheesh! I misspelled dólares as dolores and it marked me wrong!


I put down "We are paying fourteen dollars" and was marked wrong. Why isn't this correct? So the question could have been ¿How much are you guys paying? And I would answer "Nosotros pagamos catorce dólares". How would I say We are paying 14 dollars if not that way?


My auto-correct is ruining it for me!! F***


It's " we paid fourteen dollars "


"We pay fourteen dollars." sounds bad it should be "We paid fourteen dollars."

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