Ser v. Estar

Remembering, or trying to remember, high school Spanish class our teacher had a great way of differentiating these that I loved! But at this point, like almost a decade later, I am struggling to determine which to use.

We had flash cards that showed us the different words, and there was a song that helped us determine when to use Ser and when to use Estar.

I know (I think) that estar is for location and maybe feelings, like estoy cansada. Ser is for occupation..?

5 months ago


This one will trip you up until the end of time ;)

But anyway, you're about right with what you remember about locations and feelings. You could say 'ser' is for things that don't change (at least not too often) and 'estar' is for those temporary things like feelings, locations and... well, life and death itself!!!

You could try out the acronyms offered here for remembering. There are some good examples and a fun quiz there too to try to force it home: Ser vs Estar

5 months ago

Until the end of time? Argh.

Wow, this is really helpful actually! Gracias! Ser= Doctor (which is an occupation) and Estar= PLACE (which is a location)

5 months ago

Hopefully this will help!

Best of Luck!

5 months ago

She is excellent! Thank you!

5 months ago

glad to help! :) I used to have a lot of problems as well, but that video really helped me! You can also practice using this:

Repetition always works best for me!

5 months ago

Definitely. I like to go back intermittently and level up the earlier skills for repetition.

That is the same as linked above! Very very helpful as well!

5 months ago
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Ooh. Many helpful links. Thank you all!

5 months ago
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I've generally been using the concept of ser for things that don't change and estar for those that do. It won't be right all the time, there's always exceptions but for a general rule it seems to work.

5 months ago
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