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"El puente está en construcción."

Translation:The bridge is under construction.

May 23, 2018



We say "under construction" and they say "en construcción" so this is another example of when you shouldn't try to translate word-for-word. Get the general idea ("The bridge is 'in' construction") and then make it fit our traditional pronouns (under).


"being built" is not accepted.


It's too far off.


many times we offer a translation that we feel should be correct, but it's counted wrong. Sometimes we are informed by people who are well versed in Spanish or are native speakers that our translation would sound unusual to native speakers. When we don't understand this, the above translation would be good to remember. "The bridge is under construction" sounds natural to us because we are used to hearing and saying that, but it might seem strange to an English learner.

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