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"Where were they looking for us?"

Translation:Kde nás hledali?

May 23, 2018



Can I say Kde oni hledali nás?


That is very strange. It is gramatically possible, but very strange. You are stressing both oni (by mentioning it at all) and nás (by putting it at the end) at the same time. Where were THEY looking for US? Like if multiple parties were looking for multiple things and you are asking where were they looking for us specifically. And even that is much more natural as Kde nás hledali oni? or Kde hledali (oni) nás?.


why not "kde hledali nas?"


Similar to above. Possible, but strange. You are stressing nás so your are asking where they were looking for US as opposed to someone else whom they were looking for as well, but maybe somewhere else. Not sure if acceting that won't do more harm than good.


i still don't understand how we are supposed to know which words to emphasize or not, in an exercise which gives no context


It is best to start with the most likely meaning that is the first to come into your mind when reading the English sentence.

I do not know if it is too weird, but for me, the English sentence most likely means that someone is askingwhere were the people, who were looking for us, doing the search.

But yes, it is certainly possible that we are asking where they were looking for US because they were looking for many groups of people in many places and we need to know where they were looking for us specifically. Maybe I am weird, but I feel this is much less likely.

I will add it, but generalky, you should always start with the meaaning that comes from the most likely reading of the English sentence with neutral stress.

The problem is clear, when accepting all these more common, or even strange, readimfs, peoole wiůů think that their answer is the correct Czech order for the normal reading, when in fact it os not. That's why I said it can do more harm than good. But I will add it.

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