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  5. "El placer es nuestro."

"El placer es nuestro."

Translation:The pleasure is ours.

March 25, 2013



I tried "the sandbank is ours", but was disappointed. :P


Shouldn't it be nuestros (ours)?


No - the s at the en of nuestro depends on what noun its agreeing with. In this case, there's only one pleasure, so there's no s.


I don't know why you got down voted, but you're right.


Another correct answer: “It's our pleasure“.


"Placer" vs. "gusto"... which is used when?


Mucho gusto = Pleased to meet you.

Mi placer = My pleasure; it's a synonym for de nada.


Dialectal question for English speakers: As a native-English speaker from the Southern US, I would say "the pleasure is 'are's" where "ours" is monosyllabic. Does your dialect do that as well. Also, it would be awkward to say "The pleasure's ours." but not "The pleasure's mine." for me. Does anyone else have that same aspect in their speech?


JB, I don't know about the first question, but I would probably say your phrases the same as in your last example since it is smoother.


Either works in London English, I think, but with a slight difference of stress - pleasure is stressed in the first and ours is stressed in the second.


James, I am from the "Deep South," and say either "ours" or "hours" more like the "ow" in "owl," and the rest of the word like the verb "were" with an "s" added. Ex: "That project took me ow-weres to complete!"

A lot of young people have lost the slow Southern drawl that causes us to make a 2-syllable word from one that is really only 1-syllable! They talk a lot faster! But different Southern states have different Southern accents, too; there is a huge difference between someone from Charleston, S.C. and eastern Texas. :-)


Would "El placer es nuestra" be correct? Or does the "nuestro" have to match the gender of "placer"? I was wondering this also for "El placer es mio."


Yes, "nuestro" it has to match the gender of "placer", that is masculine. The same is true for "mío".


I went straight to the comments even though the answer is ridiculously obvious just to see if the absurd, wonderfully incorrect option was presented and Christoph above did not disapppoint!


Would a native speaker say this? It doesn't sound natural; almost fits in the same category as, "Mi nombre es".


People do actually say "Mi nombre es" especially in formal situations. I've heard it a lot in Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica.

And yes, I would say that a native speaker would say this. I've heard "El placer es mio" so I would assume it wouldn't be weird to say "nuestro". Lol.


For the record, while I was in Peru some told me that they don't use this expression in Spanish.


Which only means they don't use it in Peru. If you look at a map of the Spanish speaking world, you will see that there is a lot of area and many cultures to affect regional speech. I would love to see some mapping of trends, but whether you are learning Spanish from Spain or especially from Latin America, you are just learning some general language rules. The Spanish spoken in any place you go to will vary from what you learned at least in common usage. The same is true even within one country in most languages, depending on the size and history of the country.


It should be ‘all ours’. That’s a phrase in English.


There's probably a Spanish equivalent like /"La placer es toda mio"/ or something


The pleasure and the privellage is mine


What is wrong with "the placer is ours"? What is the difference between "placer" and "pleasure"?


A "placer" is two totally different things, neither of which have to do anything with pleasure. Did you mean "plaisir", bychance? That's French.

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