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Attention Instructors of Arabic, Chinese, and Persian! FREE Online Course

Hello Duo Community! I wanted to share this exciting opportunity for instructors of Arabic, Chinese, and Persian. If you are such an instructor please see the link below, if you know any instructors of the above languages please share!

The fully online course will last from June 18th – July 17th and includes synchronous and asynchronous instruction and activities. Our lead instructor for this summer's course is Nicole Naditz, 2015 ACTFL National Teacher of the Year. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!


If you intend to apply, or are sharing with a colleague, please leave a comment and let me know! Would love to hear from some of you here!

May 23, 2018



I have long admired the book you have produced for learning the Arabic alphabet and is available for free on Apple iOS .


It is so expertly designed and written.

I commend highly the work of your inspirational organization.

I have also taken the liberty of sharing this with the incubator teams. Thank you for this notification.


Great! Thanks for the note, so glad to hear we've reached you and the Duo community. =). Are you a language instructor Linda?


I am a contributor for the Greek-English course.
About a couple of years ago I assisted the very first stage of the French for Arabic speakers course here on Duolingo.

I attend numerous "coffee and talk" catchups ( very similar to Host gatherings in Dulingo) for 3 months in late summer - early autumn in France. And am gearing myself to be a Host facilitator when I return to my home base in Melbourne Australia. Also, while in France I attend lessons in French there.

When I was in the USA last summer, I tried to find time to see if I could call by your offices on west coast, where I believe you are, as I am so impressed by the work I have seen you do through the internet, to assist in languae learning. Unfortunately some other unexpected time constraints prevented me from being able to acheive that ambition at that time.

I have a huge passion for languages, that I have been learning for years, and also in the prime manifesto of Duolingo - to provide quality language learning for free to the learner.

My strengths are in data collection and manipulation, which is a great asset for language learning. I also love the "engagement" (almost adicitive ;P) way that Duolingo presents language learning in a gamefied and accessible way. And I am thoughly enjoying seeing Duolingo grow and deepen and broaden the quality and variety of its courses.

It is my data skills, as well as my language studies and involvement in Primary Education that I see is one of the main reasosons I can be useful as a Contributor in a team in developing and maintaining a language course. Also my skills at facilitating discussions on critical issues, is a skill I am continueing to strive to develop.

Especially for languages, such as Arabic, I have a great interest in due to the current global challenge as so many native Arabic speakers find themselves as refugees in other countries. This makes it even more critical to provide high quality language learning both into and out of Arabic. For Arabic speakers, and for those that support the Arabic speaking community especially at this time in history.


Thanks for taking the time to share the link around! That's interesting that you got involved with the FR-AR course as well as the Greek course. Duo is a lot of fun, wish I had more time to play around here. I used to be really into the article translations when I was in grad school.

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