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Proud of myself for hitting 700

Yesterday I got to a 700 day streak, and I just wanted to pat myself on the back. I don't form good habits readily, but I do my Duo set every day. I'm not sure where this is going in my life, but I just keep chipping away. Chinese is especially hard, but I'm getting better and answering correctly. It will probably take me the rest of my life to get through all the trees. :)

May 23, 2018



Very nice progress : https://duome.eu/NolaLynch :) . Congratulations!


Oh my gosh, three years, that is incredible. I had a few months under my belt studying spanish. I had a disruption in my studies. Just started to pick it up again


Wow! Now that's a long streak!


Congrats man! Just believe your dreams and go on! Here one more Lingot!


congrats dude!!!!!! IM learning spanish AND I ONLY HAVE 7 CROWNS. Oh well perfections takes practice! How did u do it?


I started with Spanish nearly two years ago and did just Spanish at a pace of about 40-50 XP per day. As I got close to the end of the (old) tree, I added French, then German. Those I had studied before, so it's mostly review. When Chinese came on, I started that because my son married a Chinese woman. Every day I do at least one unit of each language, sometimes more. It takes me about 20 minutes. I also do 1500 points on Memrise Chinese every day, so that adds about 5 or 10 more minutes.


By ''one unit'' do you mean the whole unit? As in, ALL five of the levels? Because if so, needless to say, I'm very impressed!


No, I don't have all 5 levels in anything. I mean one exercise, usually. If it just takes 2 or 3 exercises to raise the level, I'll keep going. I am not beyond level 3 in any part of any language right now.


Nola, congrats! I've only ever studied Spanish, but my daughter is headed to China this year and I thought I would start looking at that - or at least developing an ear for it. Maybe I should just do another latin based language. What do you think?


Thanks. Chinese is hard, especially on Duo. If you have time, I recommend ChineseClass101.com, which is not free. It's a more complete course, and there are tons of lessons. At this point I use both Memrise (paid version) and Duo, and they complement each other. But the 101 gave me basics that allowed me to progress. Good luck!


Thanks for the tip! Here's two Lingot's to go towards a streak freezes! (In case you ever want a day off!)


What a wholesome comment to read. Here's a Lingot for your kindness!


I'm learning spanish too dude!!!

[deactivated user]

    That is super! Good luck with Chinese!


    congrats, NolaLynch! i have a bunch of lingots, so ill give 6 to you.


    oh, i got carried away. well than, theres eleven!


    Cool, thanks!


    Wow! More than twice my streak, You're amazing!


    One day at a time!


    Wow 700 days :D Chinese is hard so good luck !

    [deactivated user]

      Indeed it is, they'll need a lot of luck, I was a little biased towards it after seeing how "simple" (and I say that with STRONG quotation marks because it's totally subjective) its grammar was, but I myself gave it a go, and just remembering how to introduce yourself is hard enough with all the symbols and tones, the other aspects of the language besides grammar certainly make it a challenge, as you can see I gave up on it (mainly to focus on other European ones, but I hope to go back to it someday).


      Kudos to you! Have a Lingot ^_^


      ¬°Felicitaciones! Well done on 700 days! Have a lingot!

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      amazing !! well done !! I have also almost reached 700.. just some more days :). Yes, Chinese is hard, but keep on practising, you will get there !!


      Thanks! I see we have the same four languages. Cool.


      Way to go, have a lingot!


      Congrats man, here's a lingot


      Way to go! Have another :)


      Keep up the GREAT work! Your doing amazing!

      That is probably taking extra work! So awesome job!


      Thanks. I'm really lazy and going very slowly, but I decided to make this a priority in my time. Like I said, I don't spend more than about 30 minutes a day on the four languages together. If I were lucky enough to have a trip planned, I would do a lot more to actually learn how to converse. I'm just having fun.


      Now that's impressive!


      I agree with her/him!


      Congrats to you that is very impressive and you should be giving yourself a pat on the back, you did that !

      I am just coming up on 30 days myself and I thought I was doing something LOL


      You are on your way, really! Time goes by really fast--especially if you're old like me. :)


      Congratttttssssss!!!! <3 <3 <3


      Have a lingot for your hard work!




      That is actually pretty nice. Congrats!


      congratulation, that is a reason to celebrate! Keep up the hard work


      Wow youve got patience ! Respect for that :]


      Great job! You have a very long streak!




      congratulations, even doing a few weeks is hard for me sometimes when life gets in the way x


      Don't be too hard on yourself! I'm self-employed and have a great deal of control over my time. When my kids were young, something like this might have been impossible. That said, doing something just for yourself has value and importance.


      Just got off 666, will be happy at 700, as you should well be! Nice work.

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      that is really good. Have another Lingot !


      Wow, you're using 3 websites to learn Chinese!! You'll be speaking with your daughter-in-law like a native!


      Nola, congratulations! Next step: 1.000 day streak!!! By the way, how many crowns and lingots do you have?


      You're getting up there! I don't pay much attention to the crowns and lingots, but about 170 crowns each in Spanish and German, and about 70 each in French and Chinese. Lots of lingots, since there's not much to do with them.


      Amazing! I thought I was good at 100! I wish Duolingo had more bells and whistles for accomplishments like this.


      There used to be a streak hall of fame, but I don't think that's live anymore. Congrats on 100!


      CONGRATULATIONS!!! Who cares where it's going, it's a great hobby that keeps your mind sharp. It's better than watching another episode of "here's a bunch of strangers competing against one another instead of helping each other."




      Grats!! I've just started spanish, i'm about two weeks in. Awesome streak, you are an inspiration. Not much but i also donated a lingot, good luck with your studies.


      Thanks for the Lingot. Clearly you tested pretty high in Spanish to be at level 10 already, or you are killing the XPs. Just stick with it, and sometimes you will almost magically understand something or know the answer. :)


      Great Job! I hope to be able to get through them all as well.


      Congratulation that is a great goal reached. Keep learn and going


      cool!! like 3 years is crazy!! u deserve a lingot!!

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