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Next Steps for a Multi-Level Class

I am teaching Thai and Japanese professionals of varied English levels, using Duolingo to support students outside of (very limited) classroom time. A few of my students will finish the English skill tree within a month. Any suggestions in-app for the next step?


May 24, 2018



Have they reached level 5 in all the skills?

If so, get them to read books/newspapers, watch films/television and immerse themselves in the language as much as possible.


Thanks for the suggestions, @psionpete. Normally, I would say the same thing, but since I am an in-office Business English teacher, it's not always reasonable to require students to do much work beyond Duolingo outside of class. So, I'm looking for more in-app solutions.

For anyone with a similar issue: I've chatted with some students who sped through the tree (level 1 in all skills) and advised them to repeat skills and advance to level 5. I've also recommended they engage in the Duo Clubs feature.

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